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The economic encyclopedia of regions of Russia

The economic encyclopedia of regions of Russia

Consulting services

We provide a full range of project management services in the real estate market

Conducting market research;

Consulting on basic design, analysis of the most effective use of land, developing and evaluating project designs, commercial real-estate and property valuations;

Business planning;

Carrying out feasibility reports;

Project investment analysis;

Strategic consultations, contract support, contract administration, project management;

Recruitment of specialists and subcontractors;

Developing land;

Operation and management of individual real estate projects;

Residential and office real estate development;

Providing legal advice on property management;

Managing the process of design and construction;

Administration of the investment process, real estate project financing and credit;


Strategic planning;

Management in the buying and selling process of real estate and different commercial property;



Currently we are involved in several projects the most significant of these are:




This elite housing estate on a 22 hectare plot of land is near to the suburb of Zarechie and the Skolkovskogo motorway in one of the most up-and-coming Moscow districts. It is proposed that sizeable facilities be built over a 506,190 square metre site, with chemists, medical centres, shops, health and sports centres, restaurants, cafes and hotels for service personnel.


Izumrudny Emerald


Izumrudny means Emerald and the name reflects this contemporary super-elite housing complex located in the suburb of Zarechie in the Odintsovskovo region, one of the Moscows most prestigious districts. It is planned that 5-6-storey open plan apartment blocks will be built over a 3.6 hectare area, as well as a small restaurant. In addition underground and ground-level parking will be provided for 300 cars on 61,200 square metres of land.



A unique multi functional office-hotel complex planned for an area of around 104,490 square metres. The proposed development will be built on a plot of land 39,607 square metres, which is located in Zarechie suburb, in the Moscow district of Odintsovskovo. The multi-storey complex will accommodate offices, a hotel and business centre with conference facilities, caf?, bars, restaurants, a retail park, a sports complex, with a swimming pool, saunas and steam rooms, tennis courts, as well as an entertainment centre with cinema, bowling alley and pool hall. Both open air and underground parking is planned.


Detsky Sad/Child Care Centre

The management company NPO Economy gives advice to the Centre for Child Development on budgeting, future development, legal services and issues concerning practical equipment.


CHOP/Private Security Company

NPO Economy provides financial and legal advice for the Private Security Company.



We are equipped to provide support in the development, exchange and expansion of new business technologies.


Together with the National Scientific Fund we promote innovation in research and development and the manufacturing capability of businesses.


We are involved in attracting co-investors into implementing joint projects in science and high technologies.


Jointly with the Russian Club of Economists we market in a practical way the results of fundamental economic research, and promote revolutionary projects, proposed by Russian scientific representatives.


With the participation of the Economic Institute of High Technologies we carry out research on strategic lines of development in high technologies in the world globalisation environment. We are also conducting research on the nano industry as one of the most up-and-coming innovative and perspective economic areas.


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